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Watch You Can’t Get Married For A Watch….Amazing Spoof On Katrina Ad


Janvi Sood
Hates DDLJ yet a Bollywood lover, movie reviews, box office results, latest trailers are her appetite for the day.

Katrina Kaif: Was the announcement of marriage a spoof or it’s time…

Katrina marriage is not a joke or a spoof. It is a serious relationship where two fools have to bear each other’s drama, bad moods, love and weirdness forever. Marriage is a relationship not just a custom of mangalsutra, sindoor or saat pheras.

All the jazzy gold adverts provoke all the young girls to marry. As they are the TG of every jeweller and those luxurious watch brands.

Check the following advert, a real hilarious spoof on Katrina Kaif’s Titan Raga advertisement.

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