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10 Questions Your Girlfriend Asks, But Are Best Unanswered!


10 Why do you love me?

I love you baby because you are good at everything. You kill me with your looks and seduce me with the brilliance of your brains…:)

9 What is that one thing you hate about me?

Avoid answering this. It is a very-very tricky question and you will be good if you say your imperfections are just perfect baby!

8 Do I look fat in this dress?

Only NO must be answer to this question! But, be careful…don’t stutter, don’t hesitate. Even if she looks like a donut with cream on top in that dress, just say NO! Or turn around the question: PHAT…Pretty Hot And Tempting! Of course….

7 Are you tired?

Even if your legs feel like dead wood and your eyelids are begging to shut shop, do not answer this question in the affirmative. Instead, say no, I can talk and then hug and sleep any way.

6 Do you remember which day is today?

Lol…it could be your ‘first met in the restaurant’ anniversary 😉

5 That girl is hot…isn’t she?

And you know what, you never say yes. In fact, you say no no no. Not more than you darling 😉

4 Do you watch porn?

Whether you say yes or no, either way you are dead meat. This you decide by your own. Sorry, no tips to offer 😉

3 Are you forgetting something?

Time to take a quick recap of the times since you met her. Real tricky. Happy Thinking 😉

2 So you think I am ugly/dumb/disgusting/lame/stupid?

No baby no, you are the BEST! I love you :*

1 Tell me more about your ex. How was she?

Give the bitchiest possible description ever. Trust me, it is going to be remembered WORD BY WORD.



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