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These Bollywood Divas Are Still Searching For A Soulmate!

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Bollywood has seen such times when a married woman never became the leading lady. So, those who were forced into choosing careers over personal life have ended up all alone today. Such is the fate of Bollywood. We have for you such Bollywood divas who are alone and hopefully happy.

4 Anu Agarwal

She became a household name in 1990 with Aashiqui. But after doing a few movies she vanished into thin air. Last news we heared about her is that she had launched a book on her personal journey.

3 Tabu

The lady has loads of talent and charisma. Not many know but she had made her debut against Rishi Kapoor. Although, she has dated the likes of Nagarjuna in the past, she is also single nowadays.

2 Nagma

She might not have made it big in Bollywood, but she was the reigning lady down south for many years. She has done movies in many regional languages. We wish her luck and a good man soon.

1 Ekta Kapoor

She is the queen bee of soaps and serials on the television. It is going to be very tough for papa Jeetendra to find a suitable groom for her. Not many men can match her passion and dedication to work.



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