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Travelling By Train? Remember Doing These Things?

We all have traveled by train in India. And we all will agree that it’s an adventure in itself. From the time you reach the station till the time you sit on your seat and the train starts moving, nothing is confirmed. There are many small things that make it an enriching experience. Even awaiting confirmation of your PNR status is something you must contend with, luckily there are online tools to help with this.

We have for you today a list of things that we do when travelling by train.

1. Running late for the train

It is our tradition to run for the train. We all want to live the DDLJ moment, even if there is nobody at the door.

2. Buying the tickets for the next train

Some of us know that we will not make it on time, so we always carry the ticket for the next train.

3. Asking the uncle on the top seat to take the lower berth

Since you want to ogle at the lady in the opposite seat.

4. Going down three bogies to chat up your friend

If you found out your friend was in B4 you will walk from B1 to meet him.

5. Stuffing your luggage in every empty space

We never travel light and we stuff our bags everywhere.


6. Check your baggage after every hour

You can’t sleep in peace, as you are worried that somebody will walk off with your bag.

7. Hogging on homemade aloo ka parantha and aachaar

Your mommy told you to stay away from train food, so you only eat what she packed for you.

To match Insight INDIA-RAILWAYS

8. Carry your booze mixed in cola bottles

And then you say – chalo cola peena shuru karein!!



Got your last train journey memories back! Well, that’s what Khurki does, as tere dil ki baat main jaanoon!

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