Things teenagers are sick of hearing! How many can you relate with?


When it comes to being annoyed, I guess teenagers are the most annoyed and annoying people on this earth! Teenage is when you think you are all grown up and mature. But, your parents differ with the fact that you are actually growing up and maturing! Somehow, I agree with the fact that it’s a fun age! It’s the age of many Firsts!

1) Tum abhi chote ho, bade toh ho jao! – 18 sal ke teenagers bhi bachhe haen kya?

“Arrey, humne tumse zyada duniya dekhi hai” a very common dialogue to make teens quiet! I mean wait!…. If teens are not allowed to explore the world, how will they say the same thing back to their own kids?
Humein bhi duniya dekhne dohhhh!!!


2) Aage se room lock kiya toh……Samajh Jao!

“Why do u need to lock your room? Are u doing something wrong? Are you trying to hide something?” And the final one: “Beta we are your parents”. One justification I always hear is, “When you are not doing anything wrong, you don’t need to hide” So? Find these questions relatable?


3) Your generation is so spoiled and lazy

Without being rude, no, we just happen to have access to the super fascinating things you didn’t. We are just learning to live the new normal with the modernisation of technology! Man someone invent a time machine so i can see what my parents were when they were teenagers!


4) Aag laga deni hai maine tere iss phone ko!

Somehow when am studying seriously, no one comes in the room. But just about when i pick my phone, my mom troops in. I mean someone explain this, how does this happen everytime!! Then what happen is something all teenagers can relate to!


5) It’s not the end of the world!

This is definitely not meant to be said when your daughter’s first love leaves her or your son’s only crush crushes him. Firstly, our Indian parents are far from understanding that even kids can have a bad mood, phase or have a heartbreak! Answer to everything is: “Kuch nahin hota, humne toh samjhaya hi tha…”

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6) All the teenagers are in the best time of their life, YA SURE!

Kidding me or what? Tho’ it’s good but then come exams, assignments, goals to be achieved, society pressure and what not! At the end, what we hear is “Ek padhai hi toh karni hoti hai tumhein”. Tan 30 and cos 40, velocity and speed and “ek padhai hi toh hai. Teenagers haen Einstein nahin!!

7) You don’t know what’s best for you – teenager ho naa!

How does everyone else except for me know what’s best for me! “We know you better than you know yourself” Logic guys!!! No value for thoughts of teenagers! Lol.

8) Kitne bade ho gye ho bete, phechana humein?

Chubby cheeks or not, there will be a relative who will come and be like “ittu sa tha, kitna bada ho gya” and go all over your cheeks! This is one of the most irritating moments where you don’t even know what your reaction should be! Teenager or not, some relatives can ask this to a 3-year-old also!

9) Beta kuch khaya karo, Beta thoda kam khao!

The fact that no one will let one live if they are skyrocketing obese or are stuck with skinny bodies. You are never in a perfect shape for all the eyes that look at you! Agreed that elders are thinking about you and your benefit, but there’s a limit!

As much as I want to give you the rebel advise of ignoring everyone, but Chuck everyone aside, listening to your parents is important and me turning almost 20 has taught me this! My advise? DK Baba’s advise? Learn to respect elders but more importantly learn to not blindly follow what they say!

Daanish Katyal
Daanish Katyal
Changing pessimist thoughts to optimistic ones, not your typical 20 years old! Holding a camera in my hands and playing guitar let me knows who I am? For you to know who I am, you will have to follow me...


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