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10 Things Khurki Dares You Not To Do With Your Girlfriend!


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Aanya Manchanda
Aanya Manchanda
Strong yet sensitive, loving and giving yet not expecting, being there yet not imposing, ambitious yet grounded, determined yet subtle!

All of us have a special someone in our lives whom we want to keep forever with us. And to build up a strong and healthy relationship, a lot of things are needed to be borne in mind.

Everything is to be done very carefully and patiently, because slight scratch is enough to destroy the beauty of something that could have been lifelong.

Khurki presents certain things that are strict ‘NO’ and should never be done to your partner. If done, it can leave a deep and ugly impact.

Never ever brag about your ex-girlfriend

She was like this she was like that blah…blah….Doing so can be dangerous for you.


Do not compare her with any girl, even your friends

She is your choice and so she is perfect.

Sapna 20150808_142533

Trust is like a paper so don’t try to crush it

So never lie and be loyal.

dating_indian_man13_320x240 (1)

Don’t hide your Whatsapp chats

This may lead to serious trust issues.


Don’t hang around with her enemies

Why to spoil your relationship because of others.

Don’t be too frank to other girls this might make her insecure

She might take you wrong.


Never ignore her because of your friends.

Isn’t she the most important!

d14bcfa2-3cd8-49de-8a45-a398e52a065d (1)

Never take her for granted

She really don’t deserve it.


Tell her about your whereabouts

As it will hurt her if she gets to know from someone else.


Never allow your friends to bitch about her

If your so-called friend says ‘She is not so good looking…blah blah’… Who is she to decide ??? Stop her then and there.

2 how_dare_you_by_shadowiz

Keep the above things in mind and ensure a good and long-lasting relationship.

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