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21 Things That Every Lover Boy Does For His Girl!


Vishal Kapoor
Too Extrovert. Writing is not really my thing but doing fine for now ;)

Lover boy, ever fallen in love? Love….as in real love?

When stars and the moon are nothing but romance, commitment is all that you desire, and future is all that you seek! Yes?

Then you must have a look at this list because if you’ve ever fallen real bad for someone, then we are sure you must have done most of the stuff mentioned!

Khurki has prepared a list which tells what every sweetheart does for his darling when it’s about pure affection!

1. Love letters

Every true lover must have written umpteen letters of love to his beloved!


2. Watching her pictures over and over again…

Can’t take my eyes of you! She looks so beautiful!


3. 24/7 I think of you…

Where the hell is my mind? It’s following my heart!


4. Future planning

Every true lover once plans future with his love! Wife, kids, house…. !!!


5. Chocolates are good for health!

If you are a true lover, you must have had some chocolates in your pocket just for her!

6. Holding her hand for the first time!

Trust me, you must have been eager to hold her hand for the first time…Right?


7. Create a good image on friends…

You work on yourself, so that your company praises you whenever you’re with her!


8. Worked on ones hairstyle!

You must have taken care of your looks when you were going to meet her…


9. Followed new fashion styles!

Tried something new in order to impress her but indeed, she’s already impressed!


10. Even shed a tear…

A true lover must have had this experience once or more… or still goes through it!


11. Writing her name with blade

Yeah! Kids still do that and maybe some die-hard lovers too in order show their love!


12. Protecting her from so-called ‘hitters’

No one can hit on you, he has got enough biceps!


13. Providing the best talk-time plan…

Once or twice a week, you must have taken care of this too? That’s what true love makes you do!

14. Pinging throughout the day

Tuitions, movie, family time, or every time… by hook or by crook, you’re in touch with her!


15. Standing for her anytime, ANYTIME!

It’s not about the hour she needs you, it’s only and only about the fact that SHE NEEDS YOU!!


16. ‘Geris’ near her house

Once in a while, you must have made rounds of her house over and over again!

maxresdefault (1)

17. Stood in front of her balcony…

It’s when she’s upset with you and you need to impress her!


18. Emotional updates everywhere…

In case she’s still stuck to her upset mode, this is what pleases her!


19. Tries not to bore her for a second..

You do each bit to make her comfortable, but not boring!


20. Cannot hear anything against her…

Yes! You get provoked and outraged when someone does this!


21. Played the track from DDLJ

And at last if you’re an Indian and have ever fallen in love with someone, then you must have been a lover of this track too.

Tujhe Dekha To Ye Jana Sanam from Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge….


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