These Pictures Will Prove That You Are A True Rice Lover!


So we are Indians and we are true rice lovers. You will find very few people in India who hate rice. Whatever might be the meal we need rice. If you are a rice lover and you can’t imagine your life without it, read on.

1. Even if there is roti, you have to have a small portion of rice


2. When somebody tells you to give it up, you want to kill them or throw them off the cliff

3. Even if your mom made gravy for a side dish, you still want your rice

4. If it was in your hands you would ask Kanta Ben to make rice in all three meals


5. You eat biryani for the rice, not for the mutton. The rice has to be perfect – the meat can be under cooked

6. Your list of dishes has a rice dish in number 1, 2, 3, 4, 5…


7. In your mind, there is a category where rice falls in the good carbs category. Period!

8. What is the best dessert after fried rice, pulao and naan, Obviously Kheer!


9. You just licked the rice of your fingers, to read this. Hog on buddy!!

ROTFL kya? We too did, writing this one!!

Priya Aurora
Priya Aurora
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