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SRK @ 50…This Man Is Soaring Temperature Even Now!

Nobody knows how Shahrukh Khan does what he does — he doesn’t either.

The rise and rise of “India’s biggest movie star” is marked by chance, celestial design and a whole lot of charm. But as the actor turns 50 this November, he’s still on the lookout for the role of his career. With the latest edition of Vogue India, he is certainly soaring temperature here..!!

Sunne men aaya hai that his upcoming movie “FAN” ka teaser will also be released on 2nd November as a tribute to each and every SRK fan that exists in the world.

This badshah also has a birthday resolution of doing three films per year. Yay! This clearly proves that with age, SRK is just getting better and turning hotter.

He’s been in the movies for precisely half of his life, working round the clock, famously subsisting on a diet rich in nicotine, good spirits and astonishingly little sleep.

They hand him letters and notes. Internationally, the hordes of fans have multiplied over the years. Nations have followed suit: the French have awarded him their highest civilian honour, the Légion d’honneur. “Publicly, I’m fantastically confident but sometimes I get weirded out by all the attention,” he says. “I can’t disrespect the fact that there are these people out there… not just the screaming, selfie-loving fans, but people who seem to truly love me.”

I can see it when the aunties come and the mothers come and the children come. They hug me, and sometimes they start crying. I don’t know which is which… so I make it a point to meet everybody with a lot of love.”

Team Khurki
Team Khurki
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