Some Yesteryear Advts That Make You Go WTF!


Over the years, we have had many advertisements that are still so very fresh in our mind. Who would not remember the washing powder Nirma…or the jalebi advt by Dhara cooking oil…or the Rajdoot motorcycle advt featuring Dharmendra?

But, but, but, there were some which were a complete misery and we couldn’t even imagine their existence till we saw them with our own two eyes..!!! Aaaaaaaarrrrghhhh

Don’t believe us, then take a look at them yourselves:

We start with Farah Khan. Getting into Vindu’s underarms, probably to either smell his latest deo or count the number of roots he has in there. Isn’t this fascinatingly hilarious?

Next is Mr Anil Kapoor flaunting his hairy chest probably to endorse a product, but we are sure the product must have missed the attention as the chest took away the entire limelight.


Mamta Kulkarni was amongst the most free-headed actresses who bared it all for glamour in her high time. Unfortunatel,y this advt looks quite funny yet kinky as it feels as if the denim’s button popped open due to her extra!!


This due was a hit pair during their era but this advt is simply hilarious. It definitely looks like a summer vacation art and craft sessions advertisement just to attract registrations..ROFL



Shahrukh Khan has always been loved for his dimpled face, but this advt makes him look like a bunny rabbit. The other obnoxious looking thing here is the tummy and the quote which says BORN AGAIN. Not the Filmfare kinda cover pic for sure.


Rajesh Khanna and Zeenat Aman are seen posing here on the Stardust Cover page. Surprisingly, Zeenat is looking more macho than Rajesh and we wonder why the tees are so kiddish with all the purple fonts, etc



This next one’s like a vacation picture of 3 cousins from an island far far away…Mithun’s face looks like that of a constipated man and the trio in no way appear to be superstars from any angle…leave aside the chest hair.



Rekha looks absolutely Lady GAGAish in this avatar of hers. We wonder if any other star could carry this wig so glamorously.



Madhuri must have never looked so blank and bizarre in any other pic as this one. The eyes, face, lips – rather everything looks so blank and lifeless. Not to miss the weird make-up. In case she had to pose as an Egyptian Mummy, she should have searched the history books to understand that Egyptian beauty is not all about a net scarf and O-shaped lips.


Here goes the next one, I mean I do remember my mamaji form Amreeka getting me these stick on nails but I also knew that they had to be of proportionate length..!!! What a disaster Madhuri ji



Oh so Jaya Ji thought that her heart is like a cabbage han?? She certainly looks funny peeling of the poor vegetable leaf by leaf as the final image looks like an after effect of apni mandi.


This one’s so funny that I wonder what Akki was thinking while shooting this one. If I had to analyse it, I would take it as Akki trying to do some bharatnatyam and Karishma trying hard to stop him from doing so.



This blue cloth saves us from seeing what we so don’t want to see. I wish it was longer so as to cover Shakti Kapoor totally. This advt certainly does no justice to his assets, if any. He looks like he’s getting ready for an unintentional communion.


The last one is my personal WTF Advt. This one’s like sooooooooooooo stupidly shot. I wonder what the photographer was thinking while shooting it and what did the stars think when they posed for it. Wonder what I am saying..check it out for yourself..!!!

Presenting the true WTF Ad


Shocked..I warned you..!!

Happy sharing.


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