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Sneak Peek Into Bigg Boss 9 Tonight’s Super Fun Episode!

No task in Bigg Boss house is complete without fights among contestants. Priya Malik and Kanwaljeet Singh, the two wild card contestants, crossed all lines of decency during their fight in yesterday’s show. Kanwaljeet  makes a “racist” comment against Priya, for which she urges Bigg Boss to throw him out of the show.

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Well, in today’s episode you will see that after the luxury budget task is won by Prince Narula and his team, there will be a twist. Bigg Boss announces the one who will win next task will get immunity for two weeks.

Wow!! Like you all I too wanted to know whats the next immunity task. Take a look at today’s task video posted by Colors channel.

Now!! It’s time to announce the good news folks. Keith Sequeira the most loved contestant will be back in the House in today’s episode. OMG, OMG, OMG!!

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Excited to see him back on show….. Rochelle aapke woh aah gaye!!

Stay Tuned!!

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Amneet Kaur
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