What’s It About Shopping That Makes Women Go Crazy?


Amrita Garg
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Buying and shopping are two different things. In fact, these are two different domains altogether – one is for men and the other obviously for women. Don’t we all know that men just go and buy, but women are crazy for shopping!

Women and shopping are made for each other

Don’t you think that these two words complete each other? Well, if you don’t then just imagine shopping malls without women… you might realize your mistake!

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Women care a lot about budget

They are often the ones who care for all aspects of the home, so of course budgeting is something women take very seriously. When they buy something or want to buy something they do great calculations in their minds to make sure it fits in the budget. They’ll roam around in the market to find the best price in their range, or take to a special offer website like Raise to squeeze their shopping into their budget. Men are nowhere near as savvy in this area! And speaking of which…

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Men don’t know a thing about variety

When it is about having a variety of things at home, men can be expected to have the worst idea about getting a selection of things. From furniture to clothes to decorative items, men are often content with the bare basics which can make for a sad existence. So once again, women have to pick up the slack and check out the latest furnishings, clothes and appliances to bring life into the home and to their man.

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Women are very good at bargaining

Men ask for the bill and just pay. But women are masters at bargaining. They bring the bill to a perfect half at least. Well, whether it is their convincing power or something else, can’t really comment!

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Women are always free for shopping

Shopping is something that excites them. They are ever ready to shop and when it’s about shopping, time can’t be a deterrent.

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Men hardly have time to roam around in the market

Until and unless they are with their girlfriends or wives, this is the thing that gets them bored and confused!

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Men go for online way to compare

Moreover, they take full advantage of online material and prefer not to bother their legs. The men believe in online comparison of things and then just go and buy the desired one.

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