Did You Know Prostitution Is Legal In India?


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There would be hardly any news channel or college or school which wouldn’t have debated the topic of prostitution in India. The major solution to rape that the intellectuals give is legalising prostitution. Not just that, they also give you infinite beneficial reasons for making it legal.

But, how many of us know that prostitution is actually legal in India. While searching about the status of prostitution in India, we came across this Wiki page.

This clearly says prostitution is legal in India however, with certain limitations. These limitations include a number of related activities, including soliciting in a public place, kerb crawling, owning or managing a brothel, prostitution in a hotel, pimping and pandering. So something like having the means to chat with mature ladies looking for fun is likely fine, but other matters may not be.

Something you should know about is the Prevention of Immoral Trafficking Act (PITA). This Act tries to protect the exploitation of prostitutes and their children. Here are some legal facts under PITA:

No Publicity

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A prostitute who seduces or publishes phone numbers publicly is bound to face legal action. Prostitution near public area is a punishable offence.

For Clients

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A client is guilty of consorting with prostitutes and can be charged if he engages a sex worker within 200 yards of a public place or “notified area”. Also if the prostitute is below the age of 18, the client will be punished.

Pimps Or Babus

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Pimps, babus or live-in lovers who live off a prostitute’s earning are guilty of crime. Any adult male living with a prostitute is a criminal in the eyes of law.


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Managing a brothel is simply illegal and a criminal offence. Detaining someone at the brothel for sexual benefits is again illegal. Prostitution in a hotel is also a criminal offence.


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Procuring and trafficking of a person from one place to another is again a criminal offence.

Rescued Women

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Any prostitute requesting for assistance, government is legally obligated to help her out. By providing a rehabilitation in “protective home”.

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