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Should Self Grooming Be An Essential Part Or Just An Add-On!

Okay! This is something to be thought about…

Self grooming. Do we really take care of it? I mean, do we even have time or take out time for all this? Because all we remember doing is chatting, watching movies, attending parties, hitting on girls and such things which didn’t make it important for us to remember personal hygiene.

No? Because that’s something most of the people think is unimportant… But that’s the question…whether self  grooming is an essential part or just an add-on?

Well, that’s for you to answer, but KHURKI will tell you why is it essential!

1. Makes you look good

2. Confidence goes up

3. You don’t stink

4. Enhances personality

5. You become an attraction for people

6. Gives you a clear and fair skin

7. If applied to body, it makes you feel fit!

8. Gives you sense of clothing and style

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Most of the boys be like ‘ab hum kudiyon vaale kaam karien?’  but bhai sun… Don’t even think that self grooming and keep yourself hygienic is the only stuff for girls… anybody can do it and infact everybody should do it!

In today’s world, it looks like people are more into show-off kind of a thing rather than believing in grooming oneself… Students most likely use grooming equipments in pear pressure just to look good but not actually grooming oneself by keeping things clean and hygienic for their own self or as an add-on to make others known to the fact that ‘hum bhi sundar dikhte hain bhai’ …

But that should not be our approach towards ourselves, to achieve an elegant look, one has to value personal grooming.

Vishal Kapoor
Vishal Kapoor
Too Extrovert. Writing is not really my thing but doing fine for now ;)


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