Secret Spots To Get A Tattoo, Your Boss Won’t Find Out

By the time your children grow up, tattoos will not be such a big deal.

For now, bosses tend to give you the stare bad appraisals if you get inked.

And we wouldn’t want you to lose your dream job, over a creative ink job. If you work for an employer who hates the body art, don’t worry, we have selected for you secret places where you can still get them.

These spots are easy to cover and he will never find out:

1. On the Hip

We are safely assuming that you are not a lifeguard, and you obviously won’t wear low cut jeans to work. Get your tattoo on your hip.


2. Pick a shoulder

A tattoo on the back will be hidden from the world. Shirts might have plunging neckline, but no plunging backsides. Till the time you are not stripping in public, nobody will know.


3. On the nape

This one is little risky, but it works for most people. If you have a thick mane, nobody will ever know.


4. On the upper arm

A tattoo high up on the arm can easily be covered up. But if you get a sleeve done, then you will be stuck with full sleeves at work. Unless you decide to work at the shipyard.


5. On either foot

The top of your foot is not such a public place. And since you will wear sneakers and socks most of the time, nobody will see it. And if you require to wear heels to work then just stock up on leggings.


6. On your sexy thigh

Even if you have an outdoor job, you will never wear shorts that high up. Pick a spot that is covered at all times.


7. It hurts the most on the ribcage

Only your closest confidantes will be able to see a tattoo on your ribcage. You can also pick a spot on your belly, spine or even on your chest.


Take your pick…