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Those Who Say Rules Are For Fools Are The Real Fools!


Vishal Kapoor
Too Extrovert. Writing is not really my thing but doing fine for now ;)

Rules are for fools!

Are you among those who say this? ‘Coz before doing it, they said the same…

KHURKI presents you some videos of people who were not forced to follow the rules. Maybe that’s why they didn’t even choose to…

No one can force you to do something. If it’s meant for you, you’ll be sensible enough to know it and follow it the way it comes to you… And in case you don’t, then here’s what you need to see!

Here’s a video from a CCTV camera where people are not following traffic rules and doing it their own way…

The video may be a tough one to see but has a beautiful song which will  prompt you to act lawfully!

Just remember, rules are not to be followed for the sake of avoiding punishment of challans or any type of fines but for our own selves and in a country like India where people are miles away from a good driving sense…

It’s you who has to behave and act sensibly. Safety begins from you!

Here’s a funny video of some kinda excuses people make when they’re in no mood to follow the traffic rules…

None of your insurance policies will be able to fill your presence and nothing can keep you safe unless you decide to be….So follow the rules, keep yourself safe and in case you think breaking the rules is not a “big deal”, then beware -kyunki museebat bata kar nahin aati‘!!!

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