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Rihanna Found Her ‘Desi’ Friend On Instagram



We all did see her latest track ‘Bitch Better Have My Money’ and wondered what she’s left for the people to see?? Waise jinhone nahi dekha, check it out here and watch your bhartiya sanskaars shout out “O TERI..!!”

I am sure you must have noticed the macho lady wearing a ‘nath’ who helps dragging the ‘bitch’ inside and out of different suitcases…yeah this one :

sanam car


So this girl my dear friends is Sanam. Sanam is a 25-year-old artist who has previously had no experience when it comes to music videos and acting. Oh and if you hadn’t guessed from the name yet, she’s fully desi!

Rihanna found Sanam on Instagram and literally stalked her for a few months by following, unfollowing and then refollowing her. It isn’t that hard to find Sanam given she has so many followers. Most people would definitely need to get more instagram followers to get anywhere near her figures. Sanam was approached via instagram. Vice spoke to Sanam and she mentions how Rihanna first wrote:

“Hi, I have this idea I want to run past you. I think you’re so f*#%ing rare. Let me know if you’re interested.” Direct messaging on Instagram has been a thing for a little bit now, but for the future, if Rihanna wanted to try and find actors for her music videos she could use direct messaging software instead of using instagram direct messages online!

And that was how it all began. She was then approached by the production company and brought to L.A. to finalise things. Sanam went on to describe Rihanna as super down to earth, real and someone who was extremely warm and understanding when Sanam fell sick on set.

When u all wondering where the money at #bbhmm #bts

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