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Has Ranbir Kapoor Resigned To His Failure?


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A lot of spoofs, jokes, drama and a whole bunch of shit comes showering on the actor who has got not even a single hit film after an array of successes..!!



That’s the way this industry works.

From being bitched about on TV by two of his closest friends to being bashed for stealing Salman’s ex. Ranbir has been having his share of shit from the industry too..!!

Deepika’s depression talk actually made many hate this heart breaker…Bombay Velvet aane ke baad to bus lutiya hee doob gayi thi inn janaab ki.

But being born as a star kid in a family that is supposedly the creator of this industry has confessed his failure? He did have his phase where people messaged him ‘we are with you’ and ‘this too shall pass’..!!


Watch this video and know what made Ranbir depressed..!!

Or is this really necessary for every actor to get rid of the starry air around his head?

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