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The Qutab Minar Is The Pride Of Every Indian!



Located in Mehrauli, the majestic Qutab Minar should be on the must-visit list of every traveller to India.

This truly unique structure was made by the Mughals and has stood the test of time.

We are not going to bore you with the usual details that we all know about it. Instead we found some totally interesting facts for you.

1. In Arabic, the word Qutub Minar implies to axis or pole

2. It is highest single standing tower in India

3. The Minar is actually a victory symbol. It signifies the defeat of last Hindu ruler to the Mughals

4. It was inspired by the brick pillars that were built by Ghazni in Afghanistan

5. The tower is 73 m in height, dates back to 1193, was built by Qutab-ud-din Aibak

6. Unlike popular belief, he only built first floor in his lifetime, his predecessors built the other floors

7. The tower has five storeys, each one with its unique carvings and projecting balconies

8. The Quwwat-ul-Islam Mosque is located at the foot of the Minar and it is believed to be the first mosque to be built in India

Qutab Minar

9.The iron pillar or the Ashok Stambh has not rusted till date and mystifies scientists

10.The Minar suffered damage by lightning in 1326 and 1368

11.The insides of the Minar are closed for public after a stampede in which some people were killed

Qutab Minar

12. According to historians the place where the Minar stands, was earlier a site for Hindu Temples, and traces of the old temples can still be seen

Qutab Minar

13. On the Eastern Gate there is an inscription, which sates that 27 temples were demolished to obtain material for this structure

14. Every foreigner who lands in Delhi makes it a point to visit the Qutab Minar

Priya Aurora
Priya Aurora
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