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Life’s A Roller Coaster Ride If You Have A Punjabi Friend!

If you’re a Punjabi, then you’re familiar with all that’s about to come your way. And if you’re not, then I’m sure you must have heard something about them. And I’m sure you love them because Punjabis are actually fun-loving people.

There are some things which make them different from others or maybe all this is inherited from the soil of Punjab.. Be it various kinda slangs like ‘fitte muu tere’ or ‘tun amb laene?’ or any kind of abuse from ‘teri bhaen di’ or ‘maa di‘.. they put their heart and soul into any activity they indulge..

1. Punjabi food is the best, right?

Be it ‘sarson da saag te makki di roti’, be it aloo de paranthe or rajma chawal…. Punjabi dishes will leave your mouth watering.


2.You’ll definitely adore them dancing (bhangra)…

‘Balle Balle’ and ‘shaava shaava’ are the words which make us tap our feet!

3. Crazy? Excited. Loud. Anxious. To the CORE!

4. P for ‘Punjabis’ P for ‘Pretty’


5. They’re too emotional when it’s about getting emotional!


6. ‘Tusi kitho de ho ji?’: They’ll respect you…

Hello ji, Hi Ji, Kidaan Ji, okay Ji, Bye Ji.


7. Love and insult to the core…


8. Punjabi music says it all!

Punjabi music is now gaining popularity worldwide and these days Punjabi lyrics are used quite often in Bollywood songs, which itself is a moment of pride for the Punjabis! Yayyyy!


9. Don’t compete with them if it’s about ‘drinks’

Yes, because most of the are ‘tankers’ and probably have the best drinking capacity!


10. Helpful

Will come up and help you, no matter of what caste, creed etc you belong to.

11. Over friendly and too extrovert..

Many things depend from person to person and different nature too, but still they (Punjabis) are mostly over friendly and talkative or giggling with a stranger is no new thing for them.

Tarun Jab 010

12. Rich at heart

‘Punjabi dil de khulle hunde ne’  is what you must have heard of in movies or anywhere else? That includes rich tradition, culture and…many more things that are just seen here.

punjabi (6)

13. Yes! They’ll kick your ass off to laugh

Maybe the accent is what makes people laugh or the ‘humour’ part just goes along in the rivers of Punjab… Well, who knows! 🙂

JusReign GIFs

14. Festival season is every weekend!

Must have heard of a song called ‘Party like a Punjabi?’ Coz they do it their own way!


We may conclude that Punjabis are mostly the ‘high’ kind of people or it’s like their genes are such which makes them good at most of the things… It’s something about Punjab’eez that completely takes them to a different league. Thumbs up for all the Punjabis (Y)…

Vishal Kapoor
Vishal Kapoor
Too Extrovert. Writing is not really my thing but doing fine for now ;)


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