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Pregnant Dog Rescued After Being Buried For Two Days


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This is an amazing story of a dog rescued after having been buried accidentally. In the Russian city of Voronezh, Belka – a pregnant dog – was dug out from under a pavement after she had been buried for two days.

Luck was on Belka’s side when pedestrian Vadim Rustam heard the stray dog barking helplessly as he was walking past. At first, he didn’t understand where the sound was coming from. As soon as he realised it was coming from underground, he asked city officials for help, reports New York Daily News.

According to New York Daily News, officials refused to dig a second opening to let poor Belka out – it’s not explained why – and so Rustam decided to rescue the trapped dog himself.

In the footage, the lucky dog is seen wagging her tail in joy as she exits her prison of two days. It’s no surprise that the video posted by Rustam on his Facebook page has crossed over two million views since being posted on September 24.

The report explains that Belka wandered into a sinkhole that was open for three weeks. On September 18, housing authorities closed it up without realising that the dog was still inside.

Watch the rescue:

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