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OMG! Never Been Kissed, Are These Your Reasons?

Hit NEXT for all the possible reasons

Getting kissed is not a rule nor is it compulsory, but it holds a lot of importance for every boy and girl. It’s not against a person’s rights and no one’s forcing you to get kissed, the way Punjabi families force you to get married. Nothing of the sort. It’s much of peer pressure.

Shy to make a move?

‘Sharam aur lajja’ Bhartiya naari ka ek roop hai.


Yellow teeth don’t let you…

Say ‘Cheeeeeeeese’!!


Worried of having big elephant lips

Are you talking about the one Angelina Jolie has?


Bad breath

Something which everybody hates, except the one who has it.

merlin 206 2

Maybe you haven’t met the right person

Breathe…. Hold… Release and wait for the right time!

Had no girlfriend/boyfriend

Try with the gender same as you. No?

Chapped lips might be a reason

Haven’t heard of lip balms? Start grooming them.


Too much of hair

Look in the mirror, you’ll never like to kiss yourself.


Too much ‘bheege honth?’

Don’t wipe your tongue on your lips, unnecessarily.


Don’t tell me you sang ‘Jumma Chumma de de’

This won’t get even on cheeks. Lol!


Too much desperation can be a reason

‘Lip-to-lip’ de kissiyaan… le kissiyan!


You only believe in the final act

Because this is the new kiss.


Keep calm because that doesn’t make you a loser…there’ll be a time when someone would be completely crazy for you, your lips, your kisses, mad to be with you and that’ll be worth waiting…. So hold your feelings!

Vishal Kapoor
Vishal Kapoor
Too Extrovert. Writing is not really my thing but doing fine for now ;)


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