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This One’s A Must Watch For Upcoming Punjabi Singers


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So nowadays every Tom, Dick and Harry is running towards becoming a Punjabi singer…Paise hain ji..studio hire karo and singer ki besuri awaz ko auto tune men daalke banado track..!!

Simple, haina??

Not that simple, my friends…for all those who think that Punjabi industry men kuchh bhi chalega…stop and think again…

Punjabi songs have a history of folklore..passion…love and immense feelings. Singers like Surinder Kaur ji, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Saheb, Reshma Ji, Gurdas Maan Ji might come from varied backgrounds and horizons but they have lent their uniqueness to the Punjabi songs in a manner that till date the youth inspires to sing like them and even if someone is 1% close to the original, then he’s a hit..!!

Many aspiring singers are misguided by touts who are sitting in the industry, but what matters is the focus and vision… If you know you are good, then start by learning about the music…read about the people whom you idolise in the industry… Learn from their struggles and only after you feel you are ready, invest in it…trust me selling you father’s zameen for a track isn’t the best thing to do…think twice before doing such a thing..!!

Agar abhi bhi nai samajh aaya to ye video dekhlo…sabh samajh aa jaiega..

This one’s the brain child of Tarsem Singh Sidhu, who had been disturbed by this issue since the last 5 years. I think he’s done a good job by creating a projection for us to see and have an insight into our own selves before hyping up another bai from caneda..you know what I mean..!!

Also listen to what this girl has to say about Yo Yo Honey Singh, who is at present trending quite a bit for his disastrous remix of a lovely song ‘Dheere Dheere’ from ‘Aashiqui’.

Do let me know how you feel and if there’s anything you want us to hear then make a video and send it to us…

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