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Ok! So What’s The Big Deal In Marrying A Non Virgin??


Vishal Kapoor
Too Extrovert. Writing is not really my thing but doing fine for now ;)

Adolescence is a phase in which a person feels that flaunting about the number of girls one has slept with is stardom..!!


Teenagers keep spreading baseless rumours about themselves and are often seen saying things like ‘I’ve slept with her and her an her too… and trust me when I say that each one has loved my stamina..!!

But in the end, everyone wants a virgin….well probably they just can’t accept a girl who has already slept with someone else or frankly speaking – is not a virgin.

Ultimately, it all ends up with this stupidest of all statements – I don’t want people telling me that I’ve dated this babe already!!

They don’t mind taking others future wives to bed but hope that their’s would be a ‘sati-savitri’?

They wanna be called a Casanova, a play boy but want someone who hasn’t had any love making ever in life.Well in case you’re still hope you’d find that some one then there’s hardly a possibility because;as it is rightly said – ‘Nobody dies a virgin, life fucks us all!’

Are you amongst these bunch of idiots?? Or is it that you are simply looking for a beautiful soul to be with?

Ohkay, let’s have an argument; why in world would you not marry someone who’s not a virgin?

Here’s why:

1. I’m myself a virgin and I expect the same from my partner


Ohkay..maybe you weren’t that wan-table anyways!

2. It’s a sign of bad character


And she knew that she’s going to get married to you right?? Yeah

3. Her past relationships will affect our future


You actually expect people to come up to you and say ‘Dude I’ve slept with your wife’, don’t you?

4. ‘Virgin’ as of today is apt only for mobile phones


Well..how does it even matter!

5. He might be a ‘gigolo’


And how can you even assume such a thing?

6. Are you mad, how can I? I’m an Indian girl


Indian girls don’t even know what kind of marriages they are getting into, sometimes!!

On the other hand, there are also people who say ‘non-virgin’ is NO BIG DEAL. Love, affection, trust and compatibility are the factors which are most essential for a  successful marriage. Someone who can love you for who you are, is undoubtedly the most appropriate partner.

Here..let us tell you why you SHOULD marry an experienced lover or as you may say a non-virgin:

1. Love is more important than sex


I love my partner and nothing else but my affection matters!

2. Because I myself am not a virgin


Sad reason to get married to one.

3. She had a past but I’m her future


That’s the spirit!

4. Definitely yes, if the person accepts it


Both partners’ mutual consent is a yaaaaaay situation.

5. Because everything else is bullshit


Ohkay and maybe you should be a little more practical too!

6. Times have changed


In today’s era, no one can actually turn back from their past but yeah certainly look forward to a good one. Love making is not a crime, it’s a part of an existing relationship and there is nothing wrong with it.

Here’s a short video on what we just said:

So where do you see yourself standing? Whom would you choose? Tell us in the comments section.

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  1. You get attracted to different people at different stages of life.. The only reality is no matter what we do in life we are going to age and die


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