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And You Thought Dads Were Careless? Man Saves Child From Disaster!

There are times when a father openly admits that he’d be there for his child through thick and thin and confesses his love for his child.

father saves child

These emotions are actually put to test when practical situations arise…

father saves child

Sometimes, just a table’s side could bump the child’s head but a father’s gentle yet timely shield by his hand could save the child from an uncalled agony…

father saves child

Watch a compilation of all those fathers who had their timings pretty much in place for rescuing their kids…and some didn’t. See and learn how a man saves child. Make sure that you too are always vigilant around your kids..!!

Team Khurki
Team Khurki
KHURKI is a character who's sarcastic by birth and has sarcasm running in its veins in place of blood. Its bitter-sour tongue gives it the edge!


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