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5 Major National Issues We Overlooked On Valentine’s Day!


And these Jugaad simply deserve your applause!

Hacks aka Jugaad in India, but hey, it is not just the copyright of Indians to be good at Jugaad. There are many people...

These Memes about 90s will give you a dose of laughter, provided you lived the 90s!

The years gone by always end up giving you mixed feelings. It is not about time passed but how fast the world has changed...

#SanjuTrailer is out and it gives birth to another meme trail you will love!

The internet is not at all tired of praising Ranbir Kapoor's rather Sanjay Dutt's Sanju. The trailer has crossed 16 Million views in a day...

CBSE Class X results are the gold mine of memes, here are the best of the lot!

With anything major happening in our country the netizens are treated with whole lot of memes. No matter what kind of news it is,...

Hot chocolates, lovely gifts, heartwarming promises, warm hugs, sensational kisses and slaying Valentines is melting our hearts these days. The winds of love are captivating us. The heartfelt moments of this February are sadly making us forget stuff that also needs attention. Let’s find out!

24 year old Snapdeal worker who went missing two days back has finally reached home. The incident depicted the power of media and how can social platforms save a life.

Snapdeal worker kidnapped
Source: IndianExpress

Sanjay Dutt has yet again taken our hearts with his radio jockeying skills at the Yerawadi central prison. The prisoners finally got something to relish.

Sanjay Dutt on Radio in Jail
Kumar Vishwas, who is an AAP leader, spent his 46th birthday with the BJP leaders. I think this is enough to indicate what’s happening.

Lance Naik Hanamanthappa died on 11th Feb after surviving 6 days under ice and 3 days battling the effects in the hospital. Salute to such bravehearts and hats off to their courage. Now, he definitely deserves more attention than our very auspicious V-Day.


Indian-American actor and director Waris Ahluwalia was not allowed on Aero Mexico flight because of his turban. C’mon people grow up.

Everyone deserves a warm hug and a sweet forehead kiss with sensations of love. But just don’t forget there’s much more than only Valentines this February.

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