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The Magic Formula For A Happy Relationship!

Being in love is very similar to a roller coater ride. The ride is never smooth, but it can surely become an adventure if the couple develops a few simple and sometimes funny habits. These ideas or magic formula might seem weird to you, but they work. Take our word for it!

Do not forget to wish each other Good Morning

No matter how late you are or how big a fight you both might have had, start your day on a decent note. No point in forgetting your manners. Being friends is the first rule of any good bond.

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Try to avoid stalemates

Stretching out an issue or making an extra scene about a petty issue is never wise. If you know the secret to each other’s smile, them just make the other person smile. Life is too short to hold onto grudges.

Make an effort to take out time for each other

A two-minute call, a text message can add that wow factor to any ordinary day. People who say they are extra busy, are in fact too lazy to make an effort or they just don’t care. Keep the excitement going.

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Make it a point to go out on a date

Just because you have been together for long, does not mean that you stop dating. Keep the fire burning by planning regular date nights, where you plan every detail and make it extra special.

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Do not forget to make small gestures

We sometimes shift focus to big holiday plans, surprise gifts and forget how important the small gestures are. Ask her if she reached the office safely? Ask him if he wants you to take his suit to the dry cleaners?

Try not to every sleep angry

Always try to sort out a fight the same day. Never go to bed fuming, strive for peace in the relationship. Keep your ego outside the bedroom door.

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