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Look Into Her Eyes While Saying ‘I Love You’

Many a times we come across people who stare at us and we admit that we hate it right?? Be it girls or boys, we just hate people who stare…

How about those who simply choose to ignore…I mean those who just don’t look at you…I hate them too..lols they make me feel as if I am a nobody.

But has anyone told you that at certain times like talking or confessing, looking in the other person’s eyes is very very important.. It just adds a completely different feel to the thing that is being said.

For instance, in situations like these if you look at the other person in the eyes and speak, then there will be a completely different feel to you as a confessor. I am sure the person who is on the other side too will be very receptive to what is being said…

1. While Apologizing


Sorry is the most commonly used word when one apologizes! At times, a mere text is what is sent to the person whom you just hurt but did you ever try holding her hand and looking into her eyes while you uttered the word ‘SORRY’? It could be anyone – your mom, sis, friend, wife, gf, colleague or anyone whom you have caused discomfort due to something. Try it, you won’t need to explain anything else. I bet on that.

2. Offering Reassurance


Simply saying ‘I am there for you’ or ‘call me when you need me’ isn’t that effective. When someone is in trouble, just sit with the other person, hold her eye attention for a moment and say ‘I am there for you’! Trust me, you will be considered to be the closest friend thereafter.

3. Trust Building

Look Into Her Eyes

So you feel you are being constantly questioned for what you do and of course your whereabouts..!! You sometimes feel irritated by the unwanted nudging as to whom were you with and why did you not ask me about this..etc etc. These little arguments can sometimes lead to separation, be it any relationship. What you really need to do is take some time out, talk to your partner and look into his/her eyes when you say ‘Trust me, I will never let you down”. A sigh of relief will surely be heard from her/him the very next moment and it will surely rekindle the romance in the relationship.

4. Job Interview

Look Into Her Eyes

If you thought that looking into the eyes of the interviewer is rude, let me tell you that all these years probably you’ve been looked down upon for being less confident..I am sure you will agree with me on this.Whenever you go for an interview,it is a mandate to look into the eyes of the interviewer while talking..NOT ALL THE TIME but ya quite sometimes,especially when responsibilities are being discussed.Overdoing it can actually make the other person feel that your are staring and under doing it can make the interviewer feel that you lack confidence.Try it…it works..!!

5. Saying ‘I LOVE YOU’


You wonder why your lover keeps asking you time and again ‘Baby, do you love me?‘ You love her so much but she doesn’t understand it. She wants you to say it again and again.Why?? Maybe because the word hasn’t gone deep within where she could really feel the warmth of it. Whenever you say it the next time, be it wherever, just hold her tight, kiss her forehead, look into her eyes, and softly say “I Love You” and see the level of intimacy rising in the relationship.

I hope this article has helped you as much as it helped me..it’s a revocation for the writer too.


Happy Reading..!!

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