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Leave Outings…What Else Could Be Done This Weekend?



“Oh saare Saturday Saturday karde rehnde ne”!

No? Obviously yes, coz when you’ve been busy for the whole week, you’re eagerly waiting for the weekend and when it’s around… you’re not in your limits. Boozing, dinners, hot chicks, hills, boyfriend, girlfriend, oh sorry I mean girlfriends, movies, sex, make-outs and I don’t know what all is on our list…

Majority of them do this and I’m one of them…

Cut the crap, ever wondered what others expect from you? Maybe someone from your family wants you to be helpful this weekend or maybe someone whom you’ve been busy for wants to spend good time with you?

Everything needs you, maybe a little part of you or maybe none…but believe me, nothing is COMPLETE without you… you just got to manage your part!

A list by KHURKI for what else could be done this weekend…

1. Plan your future

2. Spend time with parents

Dad and adult daughter

3. Prepare for Monday


4. Calculate your level of success

calculate success
5. Read a novel

6. Give time to those you replied with ‘I’m busy’

7. Get pending things done

8. Get repaired with broken things


9. Spend time with older people

10. Clean your dirty house


11. Help your mom get vegetables for the month

12. Get the house bills paid


13. Get your shitty body hair waxed

Agar waqt nikal kar waqt maangne waale ko waqt diya jaaye to waqt badalta nahin hai 😉

I think this could be the best explanation for all the gyaan shared…

So, what’s pending or new to be done this weekend?

Vishal Kapoor
Vishal Kapoor
Too Extrovert. Writing is not really my thing but doing fine for now ;)

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