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Know Your PM And His Favourite Food! Any Matches?


Priya Aurora
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We all know of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s foreign trips and his affection for the US President Barack Obama. But did you know that he also has a fixed list of foods he likes. And he might be in any corner of the planet, he still likes to eat this traditional food.

From an ordinary tea seller to the Prime Minister of India, his destiny might have changed, but his taste in food remains the same.

We have for you today a list of his favourite foods:

1. Bhindi Kadhi

He likes to have this with rice. This stew made with buttermilk and gram flour is his absolute favourite.


2. Vaghareli Khichdi

This comforting dish comes second on his list. It is made of rice, lentils and fresh vegetables.

Vaghareli Khichdi-khurki.net

3. White Khatta Dhokla

Not just any dhokla will do for him. He like this spongy snack, which is made from fermented flour and served with a tangy chutney.

White Khatta Dhokla-Khurki.net

4. Khandavi

Another very popular traditional dish from the state of Gujarat. These steamed rolls of gram flour are served with a garnish of fresh coconut. Not everybody can cook this at home.


5. Surti Undhiyu

This is a traditional Gujrati dish, which is native to the city of Surat. It is a gravy rich in vegetables and has dumplings in it. A typical winter dish served with roti.


6. Shrikhand With Dry Fruits

This world famous yogurt based sweet dessert is a favourite wit the Prime Minister too. He likes it best with dry fruits.


Does your taste match our PM’s? Well, share with us which one!

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