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Have A Boring College? Do This To Make It Happening!



It’s only when you’re in the battlefield that you get to know about the competition. Same rule applies to the time you enter college life.

That’s right. You realize what kind of place it is only once you have started college. Not everyone has a boring college unless it’s “boys-only” or “girls-only” college? Seriously! There are some lucky ones who go to a co-ed college.

Khurki understands how it feels when you’re in a boring college. Usually you can’t change the situation due to certain compulsions – like your parents don’t want you too or the subjects that the college offers!

We agree it’s a tough job to spend time at a place that’s not favourable for you. So what do you do? Look for means to reduce the irritation, seek out friends who are interesting or get into an affair to have fun with after you have gotten bored of friends….

Okay! So, here’s a list worked out to tell you about all the things to do when you’re hell bored in your college or you’ve a boring college or you have boring friends?

1. The very first thing… look for a GIRLFRIEND!

2. Make friends… Interesting ones


4. Which movie’s releasing this Friday?

5. Let’s go, hills are just nearby…

6. Online games… Awesome timepass!

7. Try good food in your city…

8. Gymmmmmming

9. Follow cats or dogs around you


10. Photography?

11. Sing loudly in empty rooms

12. Visit the most happening place of your city

13. Take things and throw it on people

14. Watch out the hottest professor of your college


15. Selfieeeeeeee?

Okay…the thing is whosoever or whatsoever is boring, KHURKIs list will let you come out of the boredom around you… Try it!

Vishal Kapoor
Vishal Kapoor
Too Extrovert. Writing is not really my thing but doing fine for now ;)

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