If You Can’t Respect A Woman, You Deserve This

In this age of cut-throat competition of Breaking News, we have seen many interactions, heated arguments if we may say so, between anchors and guests. Many a times, guests just walk out of a show, like most recently Kiran Bedi did.

But never has the matter of being disrespectful towards one another has come up, especially if there is a woman on the other side. Women’s Day or any other 364 days, respect for women is a must. So, that’s exactly what this woman anchor did when her guest tried to be disrespectful during a TV chat – put things in order.

In a talk on conversions on Lebanese Al-Jadeed TV, the show anchor Rima Karaki cut short the otherwise respected London-based Islamist Hani Al-Siba’i when he used unparliamentary language against her. Was what he got enough to teach men like him a lesson on showing respect towards women? We leave it your judgement…

Team Khurki
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