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Hikers Fall Off Bridge But Survive…Phew!


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So you too have been to campaigning and trekking haan..? Ever stepped onto a muddy mountain which led you to a fall? Ever got onto a bridge which was weak and couldn’t take your weight??


No..? But well this group of hikers did that..!!

Adrien Whistle and his buddies were hiking across New Zealand when disaster struck. They had hiked for miles, but when they attempted to traverse a bridge near Lake Waikaremoana on New Zealand’s North Island – the bridge gave way and they fell into the water underneath them.

O teri..!!!

Na na…they didn’t die don’t worry..they are all okay, just drenched but the video did make it all worth by going viral with over 1.5 million views…wohoooo..!!

Here’s the video for where this group of hikers fall off from a bridge:

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