We All Have That Phenku Friend. Right?


I’m talking about thode jhoothe, fenku, gapodi and golibaaz dost ki. We all have friends who speak shit, mere fantasies or a list full of lies spoken occasionally! But at some point we realize what’s ‘doodh’ and what’s ‘paani’ and we’d be like ‘sachh to isne aaj tak bola hi nahin hai’. 

We ultimately have to stop or insult the person, so the person may stop doing it. In case, he keeps on deceiving to an extent that we get irritated, it results in ‘us ke saath rehna hi nahin hai!’

I have this, I have that, I’m going to buy this, I have ordered that, blah, blah, blah.. And somewhere in our mind, we are thinking ‘kuch nahin hai tere paas!’.

When are you in the world going to stop blabbering. STOP IT!!

I don’t understand what do such people get out of bragging all this unreal stuff? The person is falsifying always!

Here are some ‘lies’ your friends must have told you at some point:

1. I’m buying an Audi this month

Bro, you told this 200 years back.

Donald Trump brought his favorite album

2. I have collected 1 lakh rupees in my account

It must be your parents’ account..!!


3. That singer? He’s a cousin of mine

Then you must be a producer…

4. It’s difficult to manage so many girlfriends

Well, raksha bandhan is on its way.


5. I have a big house

Then you can surely have India ODI at your place?


6. I was at a girl’s place last night

Why, got a watchman’s job?

7. Don’t worry, the police know me well

That’s why they stop you every time!

hqdefault (1)

8. Hey? She was your ‘Bhabhi’ at one time

Ya, ok ok..

9. I own a Ferrari but it is parked at the village

And the village must be in Canada?


10. Dad’s car has security with it

But wasn’t that the checkpoint.?!?!


11. Do yo know there was an alien on my terrace

Didn’t it take you along?


12. I was in Goa

Which Goa, the one in your backyard?


Yes! we used to do this as kids but some of them still do it on regular basis! I’m sure you guys must be having some ‘phenkne vaale’ yaani ki ‘phenku’ friends… share it and do tag them!


Vishal Kapoor
Vishal Kapoor
Too Extrovert. Writing is not really my thing but doing fine for now ;)


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