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Guys Must Wear Bras For A Week To Understand!


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We all know of that feeeeeelinggggaaah of taking off the bra the moment we reach home…that too only if you live alone or with just your husband or your friend…in rest of the cases…God be with you..

Men always keep complaining about the amount of time we take for shopping and how women need to make sure the fit, material, elasticity, etc…etc…in what we wear is the best of the best…that’s because we know we gotta wear it all day and it’s tough yo! You have to make sure if you are shopping somewhere like Rank & Style you’re looking for the best bra that fits you!

Starting from the days when the girl starts blossoming in her bosoms is the time she is caged in this protective elastic cage called the teen bra and as she grows up variety and forms change…gyming needs a gym bra…

Indian wear needs a salwar kameez bra…offshoulder dresses need a strapless bra and so on..

guys wear bras

But what’s common is the same feeling of being packed in a tight wrapper called the bra…

I am sure no man would know exactly how it feels till the time these men decided to try it out..

Check out for yourself how it feels when guys wear bras…

Courtesy: Buzzfeed

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