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Funny Replies To Why Are You Still Single?


Vishal Kapoor
Too Extrovert. Writing is not really my thing but doing fine for now ;)

We were talking about a number unknown or ‘hi-hello’ type mates who’re invariably ready to bug us on our ‘Relationshit status’. Oops…’Relationship’, I mean!! Their relationship shit rarely matters to them… but why do we pay so much attention, especially on things which are basically shared with close ones or best buddies only? For that matter, their questions can never RIP because THIS is probably forever. Some humoristic answers to ‘I love peeping into others’ underwear, so here we go: Why Are You SINGLE?’

People like you have ruined my ‘love’ life

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What? You want to break up?

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Yes, but haven’t you seen my followers on Instagram?

Instagram Addict

‘No, I’m plural! LOL’


No, your boyfriend’s cheating on you


I masturbate quite often, so


No, my boyfriend’s invisible, sometimes

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I prefer doubles, even in pizza!


No, but you seem homosexual?

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To have sex, I need not to be in a relation

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Yes, because I don’t want to go shower quite often

Sleeping in the Bathroom

Yeah, because waxing hurts!

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Actually, my cat…she cuddles the best!

15 Gifs Of Cats Hugging ThingsYes, because everyone’s ugly.. Just like you

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Yes, because I hate sharing chocolates

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Yes, but only on Valentine’s Day

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Tired of faking orgasms

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