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Some DIY Tips For The Fashionable You. Go Show The World!


Aanya Manchanda
Strong yet sensitive, loving and giving yet not expecting, being there yet not imposing, ambitious yet grounded, determined yet subtle!

Creativity is intelligence having fun. It requires a wild mind and disciplined eye. As you could do anything except absolutely nothing. Khurki got some Do-It-Yourself tips which will help you do something creative every day…

How to ‘artify’ your nails?

Need some nail art inspiration? Get ready for the magic as Khurki brings forth easiest and creative ways to do it.

Preparing the lip colour you want

Red, maroon, peach, pink – almost all the colours can be made within 5 minutes. Try it!

OMG! Ten seconds and a pretty fashionable skirt!


Add some sparkle and shine to your wardrobe with a stunning collection of rings.

Adding charm to your wrists

A bracelet from a tooth brush…Really?? Hard to believe? Have a look then.

What’s fashionable up without nice shoes!

A women with good shoes is never ugly, so here it is have a look for classic monogram shoes.

Fashionable is something that comes from within you…so go and explore and experiment!

Do share with us, if you have an ace up your sleeve!

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