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Mommy Alert! Essential Foods Kids Must Eat This Winter!


Priya Aurora
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India is home to all kinds of foods, rituals and customs. And we Indians are not just smart at designing computers, we love our food immensely too. So when grandma asks kids to eat a piece of date in winters, they politely oblige.

Pass on these winter food tips to your kids and ensure that they are fit and healthy this winter. Try and include all the essential foods in our list in their diet.

Green Garlic


It looks similar to Spring Onions, but is in fact garlic leaves. They are great for fighting cold, coughs and all kinds of virals. Add a sprig to all your veggies and atta flours. But mind you, it has a strong flavour.

Green Wheat or Ponkh


Most children love the taste of this green veggies surprisingly. All you need to do is wash and chop it, add some lemon juice it and have it as a salad. Just add some sev to it and it will become your favourite winter dish.

Choliya or Green Gram

Hare Chane Ka Pulao-Khurki.net

You will get these easily at any vegetable vendor. Make a delightful pulao from them or just have them as a salad. They are packed with nutrition and health.

Amba Haldi or yellow and orange turmeric


If your kids like this, then you will surely feel like a lucky mom. Cut juliennes and serve it with all meals as a small salad. It works great as a natural antiseptic for the body.

All kinds of winter chilies

Winter Chillies-Khurki.net

If you are wondering why are chilies on this list, that’s because the winter chilies are not spicy. You can serve them as pakoras or even as a veggies. But do try them, as they are rich in Vitamin C.

Bajra or Barley


Bajre ki roti with garlic chutney is a favourite of so many of us. Also served with a piece of jaggery and ghee.

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