Have You Eaten These Dosas Yet?


Are you somebody who loves South Indian food?  And do you often claim that you have eaten all types of dosas in this world. Then you should sit up and read our list.

And let us tell you that the list was so long that we only picked the best for you.

1. Set Dosa

These dosas are thick, soft and fluffy. They get that name because they are served in sets of three to four. Don’t confuse them for Utaapam, these beauties are different.


2. Pesarattu

This dosa belongs to the state of Andhra Pradesh. Unlike the traditional dosa, it is made with moong dal. If you like crispy dosa, then skip this one. It is best had with Upma in the morning.

Pesarattu Dosa-Khurki.net

3. Neer dosa

The dosa belongs to Karnataka and is easily the thinnest dosa on this list. It is thin as paper and very crispy. The only down side being that you won’t have your fill with one.

Neer dosa-Khurki.net

4. Paper dosa

This one is also popularly called a family dosa. It is huge and when families go out to eat, they generally order one of these. This dosa is filling and most popular.

Paper dosa-Khurki.net

5. Open dosa

As the name suggests this is a masala dosa which is not folded. It is thicker than a simple plain dosa but thinner than an Uttapam. Don’t miss this crispy and fluffy beauty.

Open dosa-Khurki.net

6. Benne dosa

Benne in Karnatak means butter, so you can also call it Butter Dosa. The dosa just melts in your mouth and the first bite will surely take your breath away.

Benne dosa-Khurki.net


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