Finally, The Difference Between Religion & Spirituality Is Here!


When you say a particular person is quite spiritual and he belongs to a specific religion, you were absolutely wrong. Religion and spirituality are two very different aspects. A person is either religious or spiritual. Why? Because religion is about having faith in somebody else’s experience & spirituality is about creating your own. A religious person follows certain fundamentals and believes in them and their reality. It is more like you read a story, you believed in the characters and started worshiping them. But the actual thing is to learn and practice the lesson of that story. But that’s not how the religions of the world work. So, we bring you the comparison between what spirituality is and what religion is and NOT how it should be!

With Spirituality Comes Morality

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Morality is doing right, regardless of what you are told. Religion is doing what you are told, regardless of what is right. Spiritual people are not God-less, they just honour the God in all of us.

Social vs Personal

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Religion has always been a social thing, a particular day for festivals and another for mourning. There is place for everyone to gather and worship God. Spirituality, on the other hand, is about worshiping your own personal God within you. There are no days of worship, everyday is God’s day.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

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Religion gave us many words to chant and books to read. All had some meaning, a lesson – nothing was useless. But the whole focus was placed on how to recite those words. The meaning was badly ignored. On the other hand, spirituality talks about the sound of silence. Feeling your own depth, sailing in your own boat. You can apologise over and over, but if your actions don’t change, the words would be meaningless.

The Kayak Difference!

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Religion could be about sitting at God’s place and thinking about or having a desire of being somewhere else. Spirituality means, no matter where you are, you are thinking about God – in your worst and best moments.

It Is What That Is All About!

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Religion is humanity’s way of expressing our relationship with God. Every religion taught you ways to worship, in forms of texts, orders, will of God, et al. All this, to build that high relationship with God. Whereas spirituality is that relationship.

Religion Tells The Truth, Spirituality Lets You Discover It

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Religion has given us truth, which is its own. Wish we had the choice whether to believe it or not. On the other hand, spirituality lets you discover the truth, lets you connect with your higher self and makes you discover it on your own.

Watch this for more clarity:

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