Why Do Israelis Go Missing In India!


When you travel to the inner reaches of Himachal, you will be surprised to see a strange language on the sign boards of shops and dhabas. And before you wrack your brain guessing what language it is, let us tell you that it is Hebrew, the language Israelis speak.

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The Himachalis have over the years mastered the basic words of this foreign language and managed to communicate easily with foreigners. They are eager to welcome the Israelis in their homes, break bread with them and let them have a memorable stay in their home and state. So isn’t it obvious that when you get treated like a special human being, get the best of care and warmth amidst the setting of the mighty Himalayas, why would you go home!

The relationship is benefiting both the parties and that is the reason it has become stronger by the day. The foreigners give the locals dollars and the locals in turn ask them no questions and let them be. You will be shocked to know that according to reliable records, almost 30,000 Israelis visit Asia and other South American countries every year. And these are young citizens below thirty years of age. Most of them come to India to freak out after completing the mandatory time in the military.

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India seems like the perfect place for a well-deserved break for these young men and women. They get to blow off some steam and do not burn a big hole in their pockets in the process. It is not necessary that all like to travel, but it is like a cult symbol to go somewhere after you leave the army.

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And mind you, you will not see many Israelis at the Taj or at the Red Fort. You will see them in Goa, Manali and the lesser known places down south. They love these places because they get cheap accommodation, good food and the most important access to many other ways of relaxing. If you know what we mean.

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