10 Random Facts About Hinduism None Of Us Asked!


Hinduism is a religion of 900 million people in the  world. That’s quite a portion of world population. And this level of followers and the varied norms of this culture throw up many questions in the mind of a layman. Well, why not? Many times people asking about your religion irritates a little. But you should always serve the curiosity with respect and politeness. Though Hinduism is full of different scriptures, which includes every other aspect of life, but we haven’t obviously read all the scriptures and most of our knowledge about dharma is through our family and television. But these days this curiosity is being served well at Quora, here is the proof for it.

Which language did Sita and Ravana communicate in?

Why didn’t Lord Krishna marry Sri Radha?

What is the story of Lakshman and his wife Urmila? What happened to him after he came back from exile?

Who created Lord Rama, Lord Shiva?

Was Lord Rama a non-vegetarian?

Why did Lord Rama need Lakshmana all the time?

Does Shiva smoke weed?

Is it compulsory to take Goddess Parvati’s name if you’re a devotee of Lord Shiva?

How did Lord Brahma die?

Why does Lord Brahma have 4 faces?

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