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These Facts About Pashupatinath Temple Will Bewilder You!


The Kathmandu valley is synonymous with Pashupatinath Temple. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and that is just one of the amazing facts about it. As you keep reading our list, you will start imagining this magnificent temple in your head and would want to head there asap.

6 Imagine 400 AD

You obviously cannot imagine that age, but you will be shocked to know that the temple has been around since 400 AD. Leaves us speechless.

5 The story behind it will shock you

There is a legend behind the making of the temple. They say a cow used to offer her milk everyday right at this spot. On digging further, a Shivlinga was exposed from the ground.

4 The Amazing Structure

You will find this beautiful temple on the bank of river Bagmati. It is considered one of the finest Shiva temples in the world. It is a masterpiece in every sense. Pashupatinath Temple is located on the Western Bank of river Bagmati. It has a bunk roof and a beautiful golden spire. The cubic structure is very unique ad the main doors in silver take your breath away. The other attraction is the Shivlinga that shines from far and the massive Nandi at the door.

3 The Shiva Lingam

Only in this temple will you see a four-faced lingam. The faces point in four different directions and each one of them have a name too. The top most part of the lingam is called Ishan.

2 Non-Hindus not allowed to enter the temple

Only Hindus have access to the main sanctum of the temple. All others are allowed access to the compound of the temple only.

1 Beautiful sculptures and paintings

The paintings in the temple are of Gods and Goddesses and of heavenly Apsaras. And you will be surprised to know that these paintings are in gold. Every beam in this temple has exceptional carving.

PS: The temple remained intact even after the deadly earthquake of 2015.



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