Partying Over, It’s Time to Detox Your System After Diwali!


We all love Diwali, but our skin totally hates it. It is after all the most polluted night of the year. The skin ends up taking in all the smoke and the toxins.

So if you don’t want to show up at work on Monday with dull and irritated skin, then follow a few tips from our detox list.

Look your best after the long break!

1. Drink up at least six liters of water

Spray your face with mist at regular intervals. The toxins need to be flushed out of your system. And after every meal have a glass of warm water.

2. Look for a facewash with charcoal

Believe it or not, charcoal is a God gift for Indian skins.

3. Steam your body

If not, at least try to steam your face. The toxins will get released from your system.

4. Look for products with antioxidants

Or simply massage your face with a piece of papaya or make a home pack with besan and milk.

5. Eat a piece of jaggery or gur before you go to bed

Gur is known to be high in natural detox and will clean your system inside out.

6. Aloe vera magic

If your skin has broken into acne or zits due to the smoke, then apply some aloe vera gel on it.

7. Diet high in fiber, fruits, green vegetables

Include apples, almonds, spinach in order to help in cell damage.

8. Green smoothie for a week at least

And see the difference for yourself.

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