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Yes, My Laziness Is The Reason For My Messy Room!


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Vishal Kapoor
Vishal Kapoor
Too Extrovert. Writing is not really my thing but doing fine for now 😉

Slippers under pillow, shoes on the table, socks in microwave, underwear in the kitchen and headphones in fridge are some of the most drastic, unbelievable, worst and stupid things possible in a messy room. It’s never been a ‘baayien haath ka khel’ when it comes to cleaning up the disorganised and muddled room which the ‘mess creators’ love and here are no tips either! Many of them love being in such an environment is what they say. A handheld vacuum could help to tackle the mess in a room like this – full information to handheld vacuums. Some more reasons or excuses in this defence:

I live alone, it doesn’t bother me

Yes, it doesn’t. Unless there’s an hour left for my family to arrive….agree?

Image Source
Image Source

I prefer cleaning ‘Tomorrow’ than ‘Today’

Because tomorrow would be another day, you procrastinator!

Image Source
Image Source

I love things scattered around

I can get anything I want, on the floor or somewhere near my bed. Simple, quick and easy!

Image Source

Busy sorting life issues

Can’t you see how busy I’m? I’ve to sleep at least for 10 hours and moreover cleaning needs time.


My Mom cleans better than me

Yes, it’s better to be scolded rather than try my hand at something that’s next to impossible.

Image Source
Image Source

A messy room is just MY room

My untidy room might be untidy for you, but is an inspiration to me. I love it the way it is!

Image Source
Image Source

I love sleeping with socks around me

With this at least I would be able to find my socks in the morning, what say?

Image Source
Image Source

Too dirty to be cleaned

My theory of work: When something is out of reach, try not to look for it!

Image Source
Image Source

I’m a ‘Mess-creator’ not ‘Cleaner’…

I got my own rules…dare you mess with me in my messy room.

Image Source

That’s the way I love my room!

No, I don’t like things in order, at their respective place or a neat and tidy room. You can call me lazy but for God’s sake, don’t tell me to clean my freaking room!

Image Source

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