Yes, My Laziness Is The Reason For My Messy Room!

Slippers under pillow, shoes on the table, socks in microwave, underwear in the kitchen and headphones in fridge are some of the most drastic, unbelievable, worst and stupid things possible in a messy room. It’s never been a ‘baayien haath ka khel’ when it comes to cleaning up the disorganised and muddled room which the ‘mess creators’ love and here are no tips either! Many of them love being in such an environment is what they say. A handheld vacuum could help to tackle the mess in a room like this – full information to handheld vacuums. Some more reasons or excuses in this defence:


1. I live alone, it doesn’t bother me

Yes, it doesn’t. Unless there’s an hour left for my family to arrive….agree?