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What Happens When Being Single Becomes A Curse!



Whenever someone is confronted or posed with this question, the common refrain would be…..there’s no reason man, I’m awesome, too good, no less than Shahrukh Khan or Katrina Kaif...aur kasam se, surat ka zikr na karein to, dil bhi bohot achha hai bas kambhaqt log hi andhe hain

Well, do not go ahead if you’re committed or in a complicated-confusing-nonunderstandable-pissed-off relationship because this question is for single people… Why’re they single? Maybe out of their choice or outta their ‘buri kismat’… Well, who knows!

…and when asked, people seem to enjoy blaming others for their ‘singlehood’, which is actually interesting to see!

Koi pasand hi nahin kartajaise aap to sabke paas rishte lekar jaa rahe ho roz? Sab committed hain NO, only you’re SINGLE, main aur single? Huh kadde vi nayin leaving the fact that you’ve never attended a co-ed institution. Arrey bhai humpe to bohot ladkiyaan marti hain– No No No, You got it wrong‘In Sunny Deol’s style – Marti nahin hai, marr jaati hain‘.

Here are some replies KHURKI got to ‘Aap single kyun ho bhai?’

1. Too hot to handle

Jal ke marr jayenge log.


2. Because no one believes that I’m single

Maanta hi nahin hai sala.


3. Coz she just had a break up!

She is Louvv!

4. Kyunki wo meri bhabhi hai 🙁

Intezaaaaaaaaaaaaaar kab tak, hum karenge bhalla?

5. Shaanti chaiye bhai

Shaanti ke aane se shaanti chali jayegi bhai.

6. Coz I’ve watched both the parts of Pyaar ka Punchnama

Problem ye hai ki woh ladki hai, aur kya problem hai?

7. I ain’t handsome but she’s beautiful

Fair and handsome- Isko laga daala, to life jhingalllalaaaaa!!!

8. Fed up of break-ups

Aao mere saath gao saare sur sa laga ke, haath upar upar upar upar!

9. Coz I’m fed up of ‘shona-mona-kuchu-muchu’ shit!

Kya BC Kutta hi samajh liya hai?


10. ‘Coz I’ve no feelings

Bada ghatiya kism ka insaan hai yaar! Sasura pheel to kar.

11. Sab dhokebaaz hain

Bewafa niklaaa haayye tu

12. Koi dhang ka milta hi nahin

Sorry, dhang k saare committed hain xD


13. Mummy kehte hain ye umar padhne ki hai

Pyar-mohabbat sab dhokha hai padh le beta mauka hai…


14. Woh nahin maanti

Bas ek baar mera kaha maan lijiye <3

15. ‘Coz being single is a great relationship with yourself

Awww, beautiful couple!

These were some of the kickass replies that KHURKI got and shared  them with you!

Here’s a video which gives 10 reasons for ‘Why you’re single?’ Have a look at it, logical and worth-seeing!

What’ll be your answer if you’re asked the same: Name a reason why you’re single? Don’t forget to mention one.

Vishal Kapoor
Vishal Kapoor
Too Extrovert. Writing is not really my thing but doing fine for now ;)

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