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Beauty Blunders Best Avoided To Prove You Too Are A Celebrity!


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If your style statement depends on what a particular celebrity is wearing, then you must read on. In your quest to look like a celebrity, do not make beauty blunders that make you look like a fool. You need to have your basics clear if you want to look prim and proper. You should know that some of the most well-dressed and stylish celebrities have goofed up some time or the other. Have a look at some common blunders and make sure you don’t repeat them.

A greasy face is a big NO

If your face is shining due to excess oil and grease, then you are definitely doing something wrong. No man will date a woman who looks like melted butter. Avoid this mistake by using oil-free foundation.

Image Source
Image Source

Do not go sleeveless with hair in your armpit

Sporting stubble in the armpits is a very bad idea. You should be put in fashion jail for it. Either wax your underarms or do not wear a sleeveless dress.

Image Source
Image Source

Do not overload the eye shadow

When you go generous on the eye shadow, it ends up looking messy and you look doped. Keep two things in mind, use a brush to apply eye shadow and use it in moderation.

Image Source
Image Source

Contact lenses can be a tricky choice

The first thing that a man notices about his woman are the eyes. So do not try to scare him away by wearing contact lenses that do not suit your face. However, if you plan to wear colored lenses, then first see to it that those lenses suit your look. That being said, if you are interetsed in purchasing good quality colored contacts online, then you can check out webshops like PinkIcon. Remember that you need to keep your makeup mellow when you are wearing colored lenses.

Image Source
Image Source

Not everybody can be Kajol

Ungroomed and bushy eyebrows look good on teenagers and young girls. But if you claim to be a woman of style, then please get your eyebrows plucked. Ensure that they are in line and look neat.

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