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Storehouse Of Bad Habits? How About Having Some Good Ones Too!

Are your services too lousy, unacceptable or not good for you to be called a good or a decent person? Are you a storehouse of bad habits?

Like ‘Ye to ghatiya insaan hai‘ , ‘is baigerat se koi umeed na rakhiyo‘ or ‘ye to ek galti thi jisse sab bhugat rahien hain‘ types?

Or else you know your limits but you’re too lazy to change them!!

It might not be true in your case but there are some whom their moms call ‘nikammas’. This breed feels the need to change, but it can’t find a thread to begin with…

Well, if you follow KHURKI‘s instructions, this one is for you!

1. Wake up on time

2.Respect your elders

3. Greet people with smile

4. Booze in limits, if you do!

5. Have eating manners 

6. Do not interfere when two people are talking

7. Try not to disturb someone who’s asleep

8. Committed a mistake? ACCEPT it…

9. Reduce some hours of sleep and spend them on exercise

10. Plan and work

11. Don’t leave things for late

12. Be punctual!

13. Don’t come late at night

You're Late
14. Do not fucking burp on someone’s face

15. Spitting anywhere? Matlab kitte vi?

maxresdefault (4)

16. Stop checking your phone when you’re with someone!

17. Help the old, if needed


18. Don’t fight when standing in a queue 


Khurkis list is let you improve your bad to worst habits because that’s what we youth generally have it in us…. and we need to change them!

Comment below if agree…

Vishal Kapoor
Vishal Kapoor
Too Extrovert. Writing is not really my thing but doing fine for now ;)


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