What Would You Prefer Angry Reaction Or Peace?


Certain things, situations around you can make you angry any point of time…Sometimes, you get angry in a slow mode of emotion and sometime’s it’s just all of a sudden… and what happens next?

It could just be damaging for the other person who made you angry…or else, someone who’s just not involved gets to pay the bill? Generally, when we get angry, we often react like Sunny Deols of our lives and that sometimes even results in falling out of the hand pump…!

Have a look as KHURKI talks about what would you choose – getting angry at someone or simply ignoring by getting busy doing interesting stuff!

1. Breaking home accessories or going shopping?

2. Break up with your gf or check out your neighbour?

3. Talk rudely to people or have drinks?

4. Breaking windows or watching a thriller movie?

5. Driving rash or enjoying the music?

6. Switch off your phone or play games?

7. Irritated faces or off to sleep?

8. Start screaming or meditation?

9. Don’t eat food or plan a date?

10. Start crying or make out with your girlfriend?

11. Staring walls or exercise?

The point is to indulge oneself in any interesting stuff in order to forget the vibes that just lead you to some negative emotion called ‘ANGER’.

So, what’d you prefer doing the moment you become a red potato or get angry?

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