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Top 20 Businesses With The Wrongest Names Ever!

If you are planning to start a business, make sure you don’t come up with these names. Either you will have the coolest business name or no business ever. Who says that our country is full of useless people. We have to put them in the right place and they are the best. Making them worst eve idea for businesses.

1 Here are top 20 worst named businesses ever:

2 Kalmadi Constructions Pvt. Ltd.

3 Jayalalita Fitness Club

4 Sunny Deol Dance Academy

5 Mayawati Beauty Parlour

6 Surdas Opticals

7 Inzamam IELTS Coaching

8 Salman & Modi Marriage Bureau

9 Rakhi Sawant Satsang Kendra

10 Manmohan Singh Public Speaking Training Institute

11 Asaram Bapu Girls Hostel

12 Kasab Social Welfare Society


13 Sunny Leone Bhartiya Sanskriti Sammelan


14 KRK IQ Enhancement Institute


15 Karan Johar Gym Only For Men


16 Anupam Kher Hair Care Oil


17 Ravi Shankar Play Boy Magazines


18 Radhe Maa Latest Edition Of Marvel Comics


19  Anil Kapoor Hair Removal Cream


20 Katrina Hindi Vyakaran Pustika


21 20. Peta Chicken Corner

There were many more to add…but we went rolling on the floor with laughter! Laugh India Laugh!

Disclaimer: All these names should be considered fictional and resemblance to a person living or dead in purely coincidental. Cause of your laughter is your own cognition not Khurki’s!



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